HairDiamond Italia Hair Extensions

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HDD12S   12 HairDiamonds™
HD50S   50 Crystal HairDiamonds™
HDD6G   6 HairDiamonds™ on Gold Spring
HDD6S   6 HairDiamonds™on Silver Spring
HDBS   Barette HairDiamond
HDTOPUBELLA   Bella 9" Remy Top Extension
HD0HB   Braid
HDCLP   Clip-Up (2pony + clip)
HDDE1   Diamond Extension
HDTOPDIVA   Diva 18" Remy Top Extension
HDE   Earrings Made with Swarovski Crystals
HDA1A-HR   FastClip 14" Keraflex™ Extension
HDA1-HR   FastClip 20" Keraflex™ Extension
HDO3SM   FastClip 9" Remy Ombre Extension
HDA1X-H   FastClip™ 22" Remy Extension
HDA1A-H   FastClip™14" Remy Extension
HDO16   FastClip™ 16" Remy Ombre Extension
HDA1-H   FastClip™ 18" Remy Extension
HDWFH   Flair Wig
HDBANG   Frangia Bang Remy
HDARG   HairDiamond Argan Oil
HD0L   Large Braided Remy Headband
LunaTop   Luna 16" Remy Top
LUNA   Luna 16" Remy Top Extension Manufactured
HD-MODA-UP   Moda-Up Remy
HDPS   Pony HairDiamond™
HD3   Pony Wrap
Clip   Replacement Clips
HD-BRD   Runway Braid
HDHLT4   Set of Four 18" Remy Tape-In Highlight Extensions
HD0S   Small Braided Remy Headband
SoleTop   Sole 9" Remy Top
SOLE   Sole' 9" Remy Top Extension Manufactured
HD3TH   ThirdEarring™
HDTOPT-HR   Trendy 14" Keraflex™ Top Extension

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